The Serbian Real Estate and Infrastructure Development Conference continues its tradition, and the 9th annual conference has been renamed to Prodexpo Serbia.

Prodexpo Serbia Conference continues to attract a significant number of participants, speakers, and friends of this nearly decade-long successful conference. The conference serves as an excellent platform for networking, experience exchange, and features an inspiring program covering not only infrastructure and real estate topics but also the economy, trade, and investments in the Republic of Serbia and the region. Esteemed appraisers, architects, construction professionals, real estate experts, professors, lawyers, representatives of leading construction and real estate companies, banks, government institutions, global organizations, and many others will be among the conference guests.

The topics of this year's conference include:

EXPO 2027 – Bringing the world to Serbia. Impact on real estate and infrastructure in the region Real estate market through the ideas of Chamber of Commerce representatives Why investing in real estate makes sense in unstable times? New look of big cities. Large projects and solutions towards a sustainable and inclusive future Sustainable public infrastructure projects and strong regional connectivity for a better future Future of green building – On the right path to a sustainable place to live and work Innovations and digital transformations in the industry. Exploring artificial intelligence for smart urbanism Expansion and growing popularity of retail parks. New trends and the importance of ESG Tourism in service of profitability for Serbia and the region Appraiser panel: Has the investor changed over time? New trends and demands

We proudly present some of the confirmed speakers of this year's Prodexpo Serbia conference: CEO of EXPO 2027, Dušan Borovčanin; Director of the Sector for Strategic Analysis, Services, and Internationalization, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Mihailo Vesović; Head of the Insurance and Real Estate Group at the Ministry of Finance, Dejan Hadžić; Mayor of Niš, Dragana Sotirovski; Chief Urban Planner of Belgrade, Marko Stojčić; President of the National Association of Appraisers of Serbia, Danijela Ilić; Director for Competence and Investments at NALED, Dušan Vasiljević; President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, Boško Vučurević; President of the Greek-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Kostas Georgakos; President of the Pirot Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Dragan Kostić; Executive Director of the Council for Green Building of Serbia, Dragana Korica; President of the Real Estate and Construction Committee at the Foreign Investors Council, Mario Kijanović; Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism, Dr. Danilo Furundžić; Manager of Xella company, Edin Dalifi; Head of the Port Operations Center, Srđa Lješević; CEO of Adventis Real Estate, Ervin Pašanović, and many others. The conference is supported by the Serbian Appraisers Society, Foreign Investors Council, National Association of Appraisers of Serbia, Council for Green Building of Serbia, and the Association of Independent Court Experts and Appraisers. The conference is supported by Xella company. The media sponsors of the conference are 4Zida,, E2,, Real Estate Group SEE, and Real Estate. The conference partner is Ovation bbdo. For more information about the conference and registration for the event, please visit the website The organizer of the conference is TGI Group International.

For additional information, please contact Kristina Rajić at +381 65 3032 236, or email: [email protected]