The conference will commence with a panel discussion on EXPO 2027 featuring Boris Bjelica, Director of the Construction Directorate of Serbia, Bojan Stanić representing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Marko Stojčić, Chief Architect of Belgrade, and Mr. Stilijanos Cokturidis representing Alumil company.

Prodexpo Serbia Conference will host Mr. Kostas Georgakos, President of the Hellenic-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Branislav Prelević, Vice Governor of the Central Macedonia Region, Dr. Dragana Kostić representing the Chamber of Commerce Pirot, Goran Račić, President of the Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka, and Boško Vučurević, President of the Chamber of Commerce Vojvodina.

Contributing to the topic of investments in unstable times at the conference will be Mr. Mario Kijanović representing the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), Professor Dr. Dejan Molnar, and Mr. Srđan Teofilović, Director of Capital Markets and Investment Services.

Addressing the subject of major projects and the direction towards a sustainable and inclusive future, Lidija Stefanović Nikolić, the city's urban planner, will speak on behalf of the city of Niš.

On the panel discussing green construction, experiences will be shared by Mrs. Dragana Korica, Executive Director of the Green Building Council. Speaking on the topic of major projects and ideal solutions will be Edin Dalifi representing Xella company.

Mr. Ivan Hercl representing AIK Bank, Professor of the Faculty of Architecture Dr. Danilo Furundžić, and Dušan Vasiljević representing NALED will discuss the future of urbanism and digitalization.

Jelena Čeperković, Deputy Director of EBRD, and Mr. Nikola Janković, Director of the International Cooperation Sector at RAS, will address infrastructure projects.

Discussing tourism and the importance of tourism development for the profitability of Serbia and the region will be Srđa Lješević, Director of the Port Authority Center, Dejan Majić, Director of Mama Shelter hotel, and Miodrag Popović representing the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

Leading the appraisal panel that concludes the conference will be Danijela Ilić representing the National Association of Appraisers of Serbia, with experiences shared by Dejan Hadžić representing the Ministry of Finance, Vukašin Kovačević representing USSVP, Kaća Lazarević, Ana Mišeljić representing DPS, Slađana Popović, and Ognjen Rogačev representing NUPS.

The sponsors of the Prodexpo Serbia Conference are Alumil, Elvial, and Xella.

The patrons of the conference are the Serbian Association of Appraisers, Foreign Investors Council, National Association of Appraisers of Serbia, Serbian Green Building Council, Association of Independent Judicial Experts and Appraisers, and the Real Estate Cluster.

The conference has received support from Alumil, Elvial, and Xella companies.

The media sponsors of the conference are 4Zida,, E2,, Real Estate Group SEE, and Nekretnine.

The conference partner is Ovation BBDO. The conference program can be found on the website

The conference organizer is TGI Group International.

For MEDIA accreditation, please contact Kristina Rajić at +381 65 3032 236 or email: [email protected].