The new market center will have two commercial buildings, and building A will be the first to open," he said, announcing the arrival of new, higher-quality brands.

Construction of the new Chinese market center on Yuri Gagarin Street in New Belgrade is nearing completion. The facade and interior work of the building are finished, and the opening is expected by the end of May.

"In the final phase of construction, our focus is on internal installations necessary for the smooth operation of the center. This includes the implementation of fire protection systems, electrical installations, mechanical installations, as well as water and sewage installations, after which final works will be carried out, allowing the complex to open," said Vanja Bugarin, the responsible contractor for RTS.

Spread across 34,000 square meters, there are 450 premises. The complex consists of two buildings, with parking in between.

Eighty percent of the vendors from the old market center, destroyed in a fire, will relocate to the newly built one. More than 300 premises have been sold so far. Most have been bought by Chinese, with the rest owned by Serbian companies.

From the company "Eurasia Trade Center," they state that the price per square meter ranges between 2,000 and 3,000 euros.

"All new brands are coming, and everything is new, and those coming in are of high quality. There will be a different level compared to the old market center. This is of great significance because the old market center was very old, from 20-30 years ago. There is a need for a new Chinese market center for Serbia and the Balkans," says Junwei Cou from the "Eurasia Trade Center."

Another business center is planned at this location. Yuri Gagarin Street will be extended and connected to the bypass road passing by the new market center, and according to the plan, there will also be a tram terminus next to the complex.