The construction of the Adriatic Hub is the largest investment in the improvement of infrastructure since the establishment of DPD Croatia, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of operations in Croatia this year. The total value of the investment is estimated at 23 million euros, while the value of the technological investment is 10 million euros. The location where the construction of the new complex has already begun is in strategically important place for the development and improvement of the parcel delivery process in Croatia and Slovenia.

The opening of the Adriatic Hub is scheduled for 2024 and will be the largest sorting and logistics centre to date and will cover 37,500 square meters. The new complex will be the first sorting centre that will process parcels for Croatia and Slovenia at the same time, and it is being built according to the latest standards of the Geopost group, which implies the use of the currently best available sorting technology that will enable the processing of up to 12,000 parcels per hour. We believe that the qualitative shift will be felt by all domestic and foreign 2B and 2C clients in Croatia, as well as in Slovenia.

– This investment in strengthening logistics capacities and improving all operational processes is expected to further strengthen the connection between Croatia and Slovenia and increase the quality of service to the satisfaction of shippers and end recipients in both countries – said Igor Jakovljević, CEO Croatia and Slovenia.

DPD Croatia currently has 18 depots strategically arranged to cover all areas of Croatia, and from this month, DPD will further increase its logistics/storage capacity by opening a new distribution centre in Dugopolje and expanding the existing central distribution centre in Zagreb, in Sesvete.