MAJDANPEK - As one of the rare local self-governments in the region that provides funds for financing information training, the Municipality of Majdanpek will implement the "Coworking" project at the Business Incubator Majdanpek, supported with two million dinars from the office of the minister responsible for balanced regional development.

"As part of the project, a business space will be adapted and equipped in the Business Incubator Majdanpek, where around twenty young people, mostly high school students, will be able to attend free training and improve their knowledge and skills in this field," says Slavko Ilić, acting director of the Business Incubator Majdanpek.

The goal, Ilić emphasizes, is to help young talents who see themselves in the IT sector and to create a business environment for them where they can continue their professional engagement in this field even after the project is completed.