In the business center "Kalča" in Niš, there is an increasing number of office space lessees. Depending on the city zone, renting ranges from five to 20 euros per square meter. Smaller premises are the most sought after and are mostly leased out. Sandra Blažić from "Blažić Real Estate" states that large companies typically seek large spaces.

"And here we have a problem. Very often, companies engaged in certain activities and seeking high standards opt to build such facilities," emphasizes Blažić.

Leskovac - Opportunities for the Youth

Residents of Leskovac lack business space, seeing construction as an opportunity to employ the young. Aleksandra Conić from the construction company "Granit" announces the opening of a startup center by the end of the year.

"This should strategically support entrepreneurship and young people in opening and starting their businesses," explains Conić.

Kraljevo - Rent from Four to Ten Euros per Square Meter

Investors in Kraljevo are increasingly building business spaces. Tenants pay from four to 10 euros per square meter. Ana Gudić from "AGS Real Estate" points out that there is commercial space in new buildings.

"As for space in the city center, the supply is low. More and more people are starting their own businesses or working remotely, so there is growing demand for flexible office space," emphasizes the interviewee from Kraljevo.

What Matters to Tenants in the Capital

Builders are finding it increasingly difficult to find locations for building business premises, as large plots are scarce, especially in the capital. Commercial space is mostly leased by representatives of foreign companies and banks. Civil engineer Katarina Gajić from the Belgrade company "Real Estate" lists that besides the acoustics of the space, furniture is often important.

"Heating, cooling conditions, air quality are also important. Also, it is not the same when one space is leased by programmers and IT companies and when it comes to other purposes," says Gajić.

Belgrade - A Hub of Construction and Demand

Rent is highest in Belgrade, ranging from 20 to 100 euros per square meter in the most sought-after locations. Miloš Grdinić from "Delta Real Estate" states that in the Belgrade market, office space dominates in New Belgrade.

"But in the last year or two, even the downtown market has been quite active, where we have certain zones and parts of the old part of Belgrade. Some of the existing buildings are being renovated, and through reconstruction, investors, or owners, are bringing them to the level of the so-called A class," highlights Grdinić.

Experts also remind that in the city center, as well as in New Belgrade, there are buildings that have not been completed for decades and could revive in the coming years, becoming quality business premises.