Biro Workspace, located on the ground floor of the business building at Železnička 3, offers modernly equipped private offices, meeting rooms, as well as co-working offices for shared work.

Take advantage of the promotional period until July 1 and get a discount on monthly, six-month, or annual leases.

We offer over twenty private offices for one to seven workstations. Additionally, lease terms can be long-term or short-term up to one month. These offices provide a high level of privacy and tranquility for your work.

Co-working offices offer the possibility of renting one or more workstations in a shared space, also short-term or long-term. Sharing a common workspace fosters a sense of community and creates an environment where you can deepen your business connections.

The promotional period is until July 1, during which you can get a discount on monthly, six-month, or annual leases.

For more information and membership inquiries, visit Biro Workspace at Železnička 3 or contact 060/400-2000.

Meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology, are soundproofed, and have professional Internet connections, just like the rest of the space. Rooms can be rented by the hour or day, depending on your needs. This type of space is suitable for presentations and important meetings.

The common business club and fully equipped kitchen offer a space for relaxation and enjoyment. The kitchen has built-in appliances for preparing and storing food. Additionally, the coffee machine is always available and free to use.

What makes this business building famous is the botanical glass garden with tropical trees over 70 years old.

The building has a private courtyard with a garden, a bicycle storage area, parking, and spots with chargers for electric cars.

Whether you want to expand your network, find a space to focus and work with like-minded individuals, or secure completely private offices for your business, this space has something to offer everyone. Biro Workspace is designed to enhance your work experience and encourage creativity and collaboration.