How does We Share Space define its mission in providing serviced offices, and how does this mission evolve with the opening of new locations?

We Share, as the undisputed market leader, is dedicated to providing top-notch office solutions for the needs of both small and medium-sized enterprises and global companies. Our mission is to meet client demands and deliver the best possible services tailored to their specific needs. By opening new locations, we continue to evolve, emphasizing adaptation to local demands and maintaining our reputation as industry leaders.

How do existing We Share Space locations contribute to community building among users, and what role do they play in connecting professionals?

Our spaces are carefully designed, including shared areas and relaxation zones, to encourage spontaneous connections among users who share the space. Through these interactions, we create a network of collaboration between professionals, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences that contribute to business development and personal growth.

What experiences and insights have you gained from previous We Share Space locations, and how will these experiences be reflected in the new space at Ušće Tower 2?

From our previous locations, we have gained valuable insights into the needs and preferences of our users, as well as what makes for a successful business environment. These experiences have allowed us to continuously improve our services and spaces, adapting to the dynamic demands of the business world.

In the new space at Ušće Tower 2, these experiences will be the foundation of our design and functional approach. We plan to integrate the best practices identified from previous locations to create an even better experience for our users. This includes optimizing space for maximum functionality and comfort, providing the latest technological solutions for efficient work, and further developing communal areas that encourage interaction and collaboration among users.

Our goal is for the new space at Ušće Tower 2 to be a prime example of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible work environment for our users, taking into account everything we have learned from our past experiences.

How will the new space in Ušće Tower 2 reflect the local character of Belgrade and cater to the specifics of the business environment in this city?

The new space will be tailored to the specifics of the business environment in Belgrade, offering flexible workspaces and comfortable relaxation areas that meet the needs of local businesses. The space is designed to feature a large lobby where clients can gather. This way, we will ensure that our new space is a perfect place to work, suited to local business habits and a dynamic market.

What special features or amenities does Ušće Tower 2 offer that are not present at other We Share Space locations?

Ušće Tower 2 represents a unique destination that abounds in exclusive features and amenities for our users. With an outstanding view of the Sava River, Kalemegdan, and the panorama of Belgrade, our space provides an inspiring work environment. Nearby is a spacious park, allowing clients to enjoy nature and refresh during breaks. Direct connectivity with Ušće Shopping Center provides access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Combined with luxurious interiors and modern design, Ušće Tower 2 becomes not only a workplace but also an inspiration for business success.

How does We Share Space adapt its offerings to clients considering the different needs and requirements arising from various industries?

We Share continuously monitors both local and global trends, listening to client needs and adapting our offerings accordingly. Our approach focuses on personalization and flexibility, enabling us to create customized service packages that meet the specific requirements and business models of different industries. This includes tracking changes in the work environment and social trends to ensure that each client receives an optimal solution that supports their business success.

How does the new space allow users to personalize their work environment, whether it's the configuration of offices or other aspects of the business space?

The new space in Ušće Tower 2 offers a variety of options for personalizing the work environment, including private offices in our shared center and customized solutions for companies that want exclusivity and privacy in their space ranging from 250 to 1,000 square meters. The combination of the building’s flexible layout and our unique offerings allows clients to work with our team of architects to create a personalized solution that perfectly fits their needs and business culture. Whether it’s the office configuration, space layout, or meeting rooms, every step is carefully planned and implemented to create a functional work environment.

How does We Share Space plan to develop in the coming years, and what are your long-term goals, especially considering the dynamics of the business landscape in Belgrade?

We Share has ambitious plans for future development, focusing on expanding our presence both in Belgrade and in the region. Our long-term goal is to remain the leading provider of serviced offices on the market, offering innovative solutions that support the diverse needs of business users.

In the coming period, we plan to continuously expand our network of locations, with Ljubljana first on our list of regional expansions. At the same time, we will not neglect the local aspect and will continue to enhance existing locations, keeping up with the latest trends and needs of the business community in Belgrade and its surroundings.

Do you plan to open locations in other cities or expand existing ones to meet the growing demand for premium office space?

We Share monitors trends and the development dynamics of cities in a business sense to adequately respond to the growing demand for premium office space.

Our strategy includes plans for expansion to new locations, with a special focus on cities like Novi Sad and Belgrade, as well as other regional city centers that show potential in the business sector. Decisions on future locations are made carefully, considering market analysis and the specific needs of the business community, to ensure that our spaces best meet client needs.